Monday, July 28, 2008

Beware the start of the revolution
Aug 04 2008 12:00 am,


Panama Kings

‘Young Blood’

(WR Collect Records)

WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON? There’s a point in ‘Young Blood’, about ¾ of the way through, where it breaks down into wiccy-wah, semi-on funkness and we don’t even feel sick. It must be because this treacly Modest Mouse-stumble pulls it off sublimely, by never sounding like anything other than Animal Collective being pinned down by a dribbling Brian Wilson and force-fed Flaming Lips b-sides. And despite frontman Niall Kennedy’s few-too-many-beers vocals, they’re from Belfast, not Portland. I dunno, I give up. Bravo, though.

Maybe they can persuade Iain Archer to invite them to appear as one of his guests for his show at Greenbelt. Or should that read.... maybe Iain Archer can persuade them to appear on his show at Greenbelt.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some U2 gossip that fell into my inbox today.

The word from Cadiz in Spain is that part of the city centre will be shutting down on July 23 and 24 to facilitate the shooting of a U2 single video.

London's NLTH Ltd. have been issued with a permit that allows a 19- person crew to do their do between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. The band themselves are not expected to be present.

While there's been no official confirmation, industry sources suggest that the new U2 album will be released in Ireland on November 14, with "The Cedars Of Lebanon," "Moment of Surrender," "For Your Love," "One Bird," "If I Could Live My Life Again," "Love Is All We Have Left" and "No Line on the Horizon" among the songs that are expected to feature.

The excellent and websites have also drawn attention to the fact that Universal Music has registered the domain name nolineonthehorizon for the lead single.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

He may not be at Greenbelt this year but he will be in London before the festival. Make a date for Michael McDermott at the 12 Bar Club on 20th August - 45 minute set. He then flies out to Italy for several dates with Eileen Rose.

Nice to hear Panama Kings on Steve Lamacq's show - clearly a man with taste. I think I might nick-name them the band that Greenbelt let slip through their fingers!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

testing my newish mobile to see if able to blog.

Went to one of my favourite restaurants on Thursday - the Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill. We were there to discuss work but I think the adjacent table of super models acted as a bit of a distraction!

Decided to stay up town as late night so booked into my usual hotel that I stay at during bid work. Still as Fawlty Towers as normal. This time they booked me into an occupied room - which at 1am can be a bit embarrasing!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well the list of artists performing at Greenbelt continues to grow. One of the latest is Seth Lakeman - can't say I've ever really got into his music. Given the choice I would have gone for Mike Mangione who I've blogged about before. His album Tenebrae is getting wider and wider attention and I predict that sometime over the next 6 months it will start getting mainstream airplay over here. The Aussies are smart people and he is performing in Sydney over the next copule weeks as a special guest at the World Youth Day Festival. In the meantime MTV has licensed the entire album to use songs as soundtracks in their programmes. Not bad going for an album that so far is unavailable in the shops. I WILL get him over here at some point! Here's a taster.

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