Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lyrics for Pip - In The Year It all Went Wrong

i lost a grand in memphis
i bought a gun in reno
i sold my train milan
i missed a plane in dublin
i hopped the boat in frisco
i miss my pretty girl
who’s memory lingers on

i drank alot in houston
was a whore in chicago
did alot of powder.....everywhere i could
but its so damned confusing -all this abusing
i never seem to do,,...the things i know i should

i don’t know if i’ll make it to heaven
i can’t’[ tell between the sunset and the dawn........i’m just a pawn
from may to december.....i’ll always remember
the year it all went wrong

I hurt some friends in new york....
i lost a girl from england
i wondered where i might be
a year from now
would i be breathing
or still deceiving...
i'm runnin out of time
to turn this ship around

i scarred a scarlet sunset.
i painted a fallen rainbow
i saw an ancient castle
that had lost its king

i don’t know if i’ll make it to heaven
i’m not sure what street its on........what have i done
maybe i’ll awaken,.....from this dream where i'm forsaken
in the year it all went wrong

i’m searching and seeking....
though my boat seems to be leaking
and maybe someday i’ll l find the shore
where peace flows is an river
and the good lord still will deliver
on a journey inward.....toward a heavenly door

i smoked my dreams in hollywood
built em back up in philly
had a friend die in st louis
who was looking to score

got towed in saint paul
got snowed in, in denver
got picked up in detroit
got blown off in baltimore

i don’t know if i’ll make it to heaven
i don’t know,.....if i’m that strong.....or if i belong
i did nothing,.....i shoulda done something
the day it all went wrong

And the songwriter's comment after finishing writing ..."Shit it's only September"

Friday, November 14, 2008

Well I know I keep harking on about them, but this is a rare chance to catch the Panama Kings in concert over the coming weeks as they support Dodgy on their UK tour and play a few of their own more intimate ones. I know main London date is sold out but for those up north you can catch them at Moho in Manchester on 28/11, the Attic in Accrington on 29/11 and Barfly in Liverpool on 2/12. If you live in London - tough, although you can see them play a set at Puregroove Records at 6pm on 26/11.

Recent gigs have continued to show these are 4 Belfast lads going places:

The Futureheads, Panama Kings
Island Arts Centre, Lisburn

Between chaos and pattern, between love and ‘fuck you’, between alt-rock guitars and dance rhythms, between post-this and post-that lies the domain of the Panama Kings. It is a realm they rule with absolute authority, tonight’s performance seeing them unfurl a regal procession of almighty tunes. The quartet further asserts their authority by letting loose a triple whammy of impressive new numbers. If any doubters remain they are soon hammered into submission by a pulverising rendition of mclusky’s ‘To Hell With Good Intentions’.

Of one new song, gloriously grumpy frontman Niall Kennedy announces, “I hope you enjoyed that, because I fucking didn’t.” Still, for the audience, this show serves notice of the unbridled potential of the Panama Kings. The vocal fixes your attention like nails dragged across skin, the guitars contort acrobatically, the bass is lithe as a ballerina and the drums are machine-precise and powerful. Songs such as ‘Your Children Are Screaming’ and ‘Toe The Party Line’ swarm with dramatic presence, taut nervousness and outrageous swagger. You don’t have to break your brain to realise the Panama Kings are a band of rare ability.

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