Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Keep your diaries free for Saturday at Greenbelt - as Michael McDermott will be playing Centaur. Later gig in the performance cafe on the Sunday hopefully also being planned. And if the piano is still at the Thistle, maybe I can persuade him to sing a few late night songs.

And now back to bidding world - it's going to be a long night tonight as got some VIP work to do.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

As I have come to expect, the defeat of Liverpool in a major final has been met with the usual drival from usual suspect although for once he did get something right - there are two teams in Liverpool, Liverpool and Marine.

As for the game itself, I didn't get to see it, unless you count a glimpse at 2am on Sky back in my hotel room. Work has to come first this time - as did a quick trip home and back to see the wife. All credit to the Liverpool supporters though who stayed after the final whistle to sing and applaud the winners - a stark contrast to last Saturday when Man Utd fans managed to vacate Wembley within 5 minutes of the final whistle.

The summer has finally arrived.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I hadn't planned to blog tonight but then I was told of this video that has been done on Hey Gravity's latest single Risen - totally different from the original video and very very good. Always nice when someone likes your song so much they go and make a video like this. Enjoy here

Friday, May 18, 2007

Michael McDermott - Noise From Words

Michael McDermott - Noise From Words

From the new album - cool stuff

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick catch-up today on Hey Gravity! business. Life in France continues to go well - the latest single Risen rose this week to No.4 in the indie charts and the video constantly last week. The band played a sold out gig with The Rakes and with so many people unable to get in, they turned up on mass to see the band play a local showcase gig instead. What's been interesting is the number of 16 year old French girls who have been emailing the band - apparently they see Justine as some kind of role model. I'm told Greenbelt is trying to book bands for the youth element - sounds like they don't have to go any further!

And if you haven't seen the latest video, here it is (sorry embed code failed on me this time):


Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's that time already - Sunday morning and I'm in the office working on the next bid. Just over a week ago I blogged I was off to the BBB restaurant in Notting Hill. Was a better evening than I had expected and the planned in bed by midnight turned out to be a in bed by 4am. The BBB was OK, nothing too special and I had to concur with reviews I've read on the place - service is slow and food not hot enough. I think the pre-meal cocktail session took most people's minds off the food though. Not got a clue what I was drinking - more a case of "I'll have one of those". That said I kept pretty sober rest of the evening and took the hardcore of the group to Dover Street Wine Bar for a few hours of dancing to real disco music!

A few nice touches by our employer - we all had a vey large box of Hotel Chocolat choclates and cased bottle of champagne waiting for us at the restaurant. Chocolates have now been consumed and the champagne is on ice, waiting for some special occassion.

Tempted to pick up the phone and give Michael McD a call today as I expect he will have a sore head this morning in Chicago. Last night was a farewell party hosted by Joe and Merritt of Assassins before their departure to Los Angeles. I guess this is all part of some plan for them to be major recording stars and producers. The A&R people love them and they have re-mixed for some of America's biggest recording stars. I suggested GB invite them over to play live (we need a bit of the "Mancester" sound at GB) and do a DJ set, but I guess it's cheaper to book UK based bands who don't need to fly. I know Michael will miss them although he sems to spend a fair bit of time in LA so will not be all bad. As part of the new album launch Michael will be spending a fair bit of time in New York in August (with gaps left just incase Greenbelt should decide to invite him over)doing a residency at the Living Room. I've suggested he invite a well known Greenbelt songstress who's currently living there along as a guest - they would make a great double billing. And on that note here's another video - this time Assassins live with Tibet.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hey, that worked! Time for another - this is the first song Michael McDermott ever sang at Greenbelt. For me one of his best, both lyrically and musically.

Time to see if I can publish a video from Youtube. If it works, this has recently been put out as a teaser for the new Rachael Yamagata album - due this Summer. This time next year she could be a mega star - although she already is in my eyes.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Had a number of things to blog tonight but lost my voice so just time to say

Liverpool 1 Chelsea 0 (1-1 on aggregate)

LIVERPOOL win 4 - 1 on penalties

Yehee - it's all gone quiet next door

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