Monday, March 31, 2008

Michael's tour takes a detour to Hogwarts

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The pressure of work - to be more precise trying to sort venues, transport and hotels for the forthcoming Michael McDermott tour has kept me away from blog land. So just a quick one now.

17th March sees the European release of Noise from Words by Michael McDermott, with a revised version - 2 additional CD tracks, including one of my favourites - Antique Store. No idea what is planned for the release over here, or if you can actually buy the CD next week. But nevertheless a major victory as there were originally no plans to release it over here - so the record label must be pleased with what they have seen so far.

The Manchester gig is off - was planned for 6th April then the promoter moved it to 8th April when Michael is now playing a solo gig in London. Sorry Manchester, but you can still see him in Liverpool on 3rd April.

For further information and all dates go to

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Before I forget, I must mention my own personal sadness of hearing the news about Larry Norman passing away at 60. He remains part of my most memorable moment at Greenbelt, back in 1990 I believe when a group of us, including Larry, sat up half the night talking about music outside a small cafe at Greenbelt. Reading about his death I discovered he had recently been working with Modest Mouse and the Pixies. And by coincidence, I was asked to go see a band play the other night who are cited as being influenced by the Pixies and Modest Mouse.

Hailing from Belfast the band is called Panama Kings and they are creating quite a stir over there. After a quick 2 day crash course in their music I could understand why. Watching them play alongside more established bands it was clear they had something very different about themselves compared to the average indie bands around. They have only been playing together a few months but look and sound like it has been for several years. They are also extremely nice guys - in fact so nice I drove them back to their accommodation as the multi million pound sponsor for the night decided that it couldn't afford to pay their taxi - most bizarre. Hopefully I'll be blogging quite a bit more about them in the future. In the meantime go check them out at .

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