Friday, December 25, 2009

It seems appropriate that today should be the day I update this blog, exactly one year since the last entry and I am back in The Bull in Walsingham enjoying the hospitality on Christmas day of the landlord.

The year has been different from recent years with the expected news in February that my post would be made redundant. Months of messing around by HR meant that I finally left in August and I am still trying to sort out my leaving terms.

2008 was the year from hell with the house in London and work, and 2009 has been about fixing 2008! The house is still not quite finished (but almost) as resolving snagging has been long and complicated. Eventually I brought in a solicitor to terminate contracts and have been acting as project manager for last 6 months.

With no day job we have been fortunate having the cottage in Norfolk and have been staying there since June. This has given us a chance to live again after the previous 12 months. I’ve had various job interviews but no success and to be honest, non of the jobs ever felt really right. The plan at the moment is to go self-employed. For this though I need to be back in London as not much demand for rail advice in Norfolk. So our plan is to move back soon after Christmas – unless I can think of a way of earning some money in Norfolk.

I have also spent the last few months working on a project which may one day see the light of day. At the moment I spend time travelling to London to see Dragons Den type folk to persuade them I’m a good investment!

For Helen the last year has also been a chance to relax more and being in Norfolk over the entire summer was great as we seemed to be one of the few areas with good weather the entire time. Much of our time was spent on the beach and at Pensthorpe (watch BBC Springwatch).

Christmas is just the two of us at home in Walsingham. Parents are at my brother and his wife in London. This nearly got cancelled when Peter ended up stranded in Afghanistan after producing Radio 1 from there. Eventually the RAF got its act together though. Unlike last year though, our local friends are all here over Christmas so hopefully we will be able to manage the odd bit of hospitality.

No idea what 2010 will bring. I have a head full of ideas and I’m training to put these ideas into practice. I need to find some paid work fairly quickly to keep the wolves from the door, but whatever I do I want it to feel right.

Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year. There's a pint of Rudolf sitting on the bar for you, but be quick as they shut at 2.30.

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