Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year - and may it live up to expectations! We've had a fairly quiet Christmas - until tonight. The events in Pakistan meant my brother disappeared to Pakistan - just as his wife was going down with flue! They don't have much luck at Christmas - the Tsunami a few years ago cut it short very quickly. We've had my parents over and I have just about managed to get this Macbook pro to work. Two days have been spent digging out fence posts and cementing in new ones and fixing back up panels that blew down from house we rent out. I hate digging out posts so hired a pneumatic drill to do the job.

Tonight we planned a quiet night in with a rib of beef to keep us company. Then someone decided to break into next door and I decided to be the tuff guy and investigate. To cut a long story short there was a bit of tustle as we wrestled around on the ground before he ran off with me in chase. Sadly by the time the police had caught up I had lost sight of where he had gone. Hopefully nothing was stolen and the neighbours will forgive me for destroying their garden and front wall which seemed to collapse during the struggle. In hindsight, just wish I had taken a photo of him on my phone instead of trying to call the police. I gave a fairly full description but one that probably applies to several thousand. Bit tough on Helen as she had to deal with police in my absence as I shot off down the road in pursuit, and then didn't know if I was dead or alive for a while as I couldn't get the police off the phone to ring back home. My biggest concern was the beef in the oven - the police insisting I go for a drive round the area and me trying to explain that dinner was in the oven. In the end Helen got one of the police on site to go and check the food was all OK!

Tomorrow we relax.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Any plans to blog in the last couple of weeks were put on hold as access to a working PC became scarce. Very little spare time at home so no chance there of logging on, other than to for business purposes. And at work my laptop, and it’s subsequent replacement, were suffering from an attack of viruses.

So in case I get no other opportunity before Christmas, Happy Christmas everyone.

At least you haven’t had to put up with me going on about the Led Zeppelin concert 11 days ago. It’s been well covered in the press and I must admit it was a really good night – not least because of getting to see Yes and ELP perform together.

The Hey Gravity! Tour hit a brick wall when the drummer had a double hernia and forced several dates to be postponed. In the meantime Cross Rhythms has fallen in love with Hey Gravity. Yes you read that right. I’ve been doing a bit of plugging and this week the album got 10/10 in their review section. A pity you cannot buy it in the UK though. I wonder if Greenbelt gives automatic mainstage slots to bands who get full marks at Cross Rhythms?

We have bought a Mac – still in a box and various problems with Apple meant we ended up with 3 laptops at one stage, but now sorted and compensation received for the inconvenience. Now if someone could tell me how these things actually work…..

I think we are almost ready for Christmas. No big parties to go to, just the house to ourselves and the mice who seem to be regular visitors. I’ve tried to be nice setting humane traps, but as they seem to know a set-up when they see it, the killer versions have now bee rolled out.

Christmas Day will be spent as usual with me visiting my brother and wife in the morning before going home to open all our presents (which after buying a house will not take very long this year). A list of jobs to do work on the house will keep me busy for the week I have off.

It’s been a very strange year. Work has not gone at all to plan and I feel there are still a number of unresolved issues. With no big bids for the last 6 months I have been adjusting to other modes of transport – namely buses. For 2008 I plan a fresh start – new ideas and momentum – they won’t know what hit them!

On the music front again hit and miss. Michael McDermott’s UK visit was a big success and a full tour is in place for next year. I’ve failed to do much work on other artists who I work with, and despite Hey Gravity doing well in France, they continue to be ignored in the UK. Not sure what plans are for next year – Justine, the lead singer has recorded a great solo demo and I want to plug this a bit more – it’s aimed very much at the Christian music market, but don’t let this put you off – it’s quite quirky – kind of Lilly Allen on acid.

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