Monday, February 26, 2007

It's been a long while since my last blog - I've been living on and off in a hotel for the last month working on two bids. This morning (its 6am at the moment) we submit the first, and then the second goes in Friday. It's an all-nighter to get everything checked, printed, checked, filed. Hopefully will get to hotel for breakfast, bed, back to work and then a visit home for this evening as the rest of the week will be very busy.

Some quick news. Hey Gravity's debut album is released today YIPEE! Available only in France at present (but I have my copy) where the band has been going down a storm. Elsewhere Mr McDermott has continued to perform some of the best shows of his life in the States. I'm hoping for some big news soon from him which will be particularly exciting for me. A large package arrived last week with the official promo for the new album Noise From Words. Was due out in April but if the "big news" comes off looks like it will cause a slight delay until May. Follow this link to see TV appearance a few days ago.

Will probably be quiet again for a few days.

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