Thursday, March 13, 2008

The pressure of work - to be more precise trying to sort venues, transport and hotels for the forthcoming Michael McDermott tour has kept me away from blog land. So just a quick one now.

17th March sees the European release of Noise from Words by Michael McDermott, with a revised version - 2 additional CD tracks, including one of my favourites - Antique Store. No idea what is planned for the release over here, or if you can actually buy the CD next week. But nevertheless a major victory as there were originally no plans to release it over here - so the record label must be pleased with what they have seen so far.

The Manchester gig is off - was planned for 6th April then the promoter moved it to 8th April when Michael is now playing a solo gig in London. Sorry Manchester, but you can still see him in Liverpool on 3rd April.

For further information and all dates go to

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