Thursday, May 24, 2007

As I have come to expect, the defeat of Liverpool in a major final has been met with the usual drival from usual suspect although for once he did get something right - there are two teams in Liverpool, Liverpool and Marine.

As for the game itself, I didn't get to see it, unless you count a glimpse at 2am on Sky back in my hotel room. Work has to come first this time - as did a quick trip home and back to see the wife. All credit to the Liverpool supporters though who stayed after the final whistle to sing and applaud the winners - a stark contrast to last Saturday when Man Utd fans managed to vacate Wembley within 5 minutes of the final whistle.

The summer has finally arrived.

Jokes current on Merseyside:

Q. What is this: "Beep - beep - beep - beep - beep" ?
A. The sound of an open-topped bus reversing into the garage.

2. Helpline number for distraught Reds: Oh eight nine eight won nothing won nothing won nothing.

Flood alert on Merseyside: owing to thousands of Evertonians weeping tears of joy.

I should point out that LFC fans told me all these. Plenty more where they came from....
Must admit I was tempted to put up a photo of the bus but decided to save it for next year. Didn't quite get joke 2 - after all we did win the Charity Shield this year!

Of more concern for me was the restaurant line you took from When Harry Met Sally - I never realised Evertonian vicars took such orgasmic pleasure in seeing Liverpool lose!
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