Monday, July 28, 2008

Beware the start of the revolution
Aug 04 2008 12:00 am,


Panama Kings

‘Young Blood’

(WR Collect Records)

WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON? There’s a point in ‘Young Blood’, about ¾ of the way through, where it breaks down into wiccy-wah, semi-on funkness and we don’t even feel sick. It must be because this treacly Modest Mouse-stumble pulls it off sublimely, by never sounding like anything other than Animal Collective being pinned down by a dribbling Brian Wilson and force-fed Flaming Lips b-sides. And despite frontman Niall Kennedy’s few-too-many-beers vocals, they’re from Belfast, not Portland. I dunno, I give up. Bravo, though.

Maybe they can persuade Iain Archer to invite them to appear as one of his guests for his show at Greenbelt. Or should that read.... maybe Iain Archer can persuade them to appear on his show at Greenbelt.

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