Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So the place to be is Greenbelt, The Performance Cafe, Sunday 24th August at 7pm to see and hear Justine Berry. With Sunday night mainstage looking like it will be mainly dance theme I suspect her backing band will be wanting to make a shift exit to watch - after all they are all part of the collective known as Atomic Hooligan - winners of Best Live Act at the International Breakbeat Awards this year.

My only big regret (so far!) is that Greenbelt hasn't picked up on my constant suggestion to invite the Panama Kings (not like I asked for money!), especially after the band approached me to ask if they could play Greenbelt. With their debut single officially out on 14 July, support gigs with Jape, The Futureheads and Cut Copy and a string of summer festivals booked in Northern Ireland things are looking good. If you have so far resisted the urge, nip over to here and take a listen - especially the B Side of the single "I don't want to die". It's very catchy and no wonder that the band gets such praise on Radio 1. My personal copy is in the post. Let me know what you think.

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