Tuesday, February 05, 2008

With moving house last year we were due a refund on our council tax that we had already paid. Several months later and we were still trying to prise the money out of the council, whilst be threatened with the risk of being taken to court if we failed to pay tax on the new house. And then out of the blue a letter arrived to say we were being sent a large cheque and all outstanding tax had been paid off. Not what we expected as the amount due to us was just a couple of hundred pounds. It turns out the house had been wrongly banded and we are due 12 years council tax rebate - so far only gone back 7 so looking forward to the next letter from them.

We are probably lucky though as the only reason we seem to have discovered this is because of the fuss we have made about recovering the amount due from moving. A quick check of the banding of the houses belonging to our old neighbours suggest they too are entitled to refund, so time to put the message around.

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