Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Although I have been writing a blog the last couple of weeks I never get round to loading it up. So here is the last 2 weeks' entries.

1 Week ago
Things that have annoyed me of late:
My Rail Gold Card magnetic strip ceasing to work, forcing me to use the manned barrier to get in out of underground stations. These staff really know how to make you feel like a criminal - just because they really don't want to open that gate for you.

The people on the train who insist on opening the window next to them. Are they totally stupid? Don't they realise that the only people who this will affect are those who sit further down the carriage. So they just sit there looking hot and flustered, whilst we end up freezing our ......

The way my boss always seems to manage to give me a piece of work to do just before I submit planned holiday for that date.

The last week flew by. I had to prepare a first draft of a document to be sent to MPs. It's amazing the ideas you can come up with on how best to get their attention although I still think blackmail seems a lot easier!

The previous weekend my parents had been staying close by for a few days so I took them to see the Cranes on the Saturday. If ever in North Norfolk go to Pensthorpe and visit the Cranes - totally crazy birds who would probably try and eat you for breakfast given the chance.

On Thursday I nipped over to the new house to see how the builders were doing. First surprise was to find the locks had been changed. I found out later why. They have been doing some major decorating work involving a lot of plastering and sanding so all the furniture has been put into the main bedroom and rooms sealed off. Trouble was, the keys also got moved and could no longer be found, so they had no option other than to put on a new lock to secure the place. The house is moving forward although still lots to do over next couple of weeks.

Friday night I went down the pub for a quiet drink only to discover that the female partners of my drinking colleagues had decided that we should have a picnic so as we sat outside the Bull with the patio heaters keeping us warm, suddenly bags of food appeared. The pub even provided plates, knives and forks. It was all very pleasant but I think the men felt their Friday haven was under threat - normally we tend to be the equivalent of the gathering of "grumpy old men", able to talk about football, music, politics without interruption.

Saturday was a quiet day catching upon jobs and yet more time spent by Helen and I on ideas for the new house. Deciding what the window coverings should be is proving difficult. We know what we want but it is not possible so we spend hours going round in circles!

Sunday was the parish harvest supper.This time it was the turn of Little Walsingham to play host and so we had a fairly formal sit down meal in the parish hall. I much prefer my church in Great Walsingham's turn to organise things. Ours is in the barn with the combine harvesters and is a much more relaxed occassion with plenty of wine and crazy raffles and auctions as the farmers wield out their most obscure fruit and veg produce. Sunday afternoon Helen and I drove along the coast road to Sheringham for a short trip to the seaside. We don't do this trip very often so it made a nice change. I caught the end of the football commentary to hear Torres equalise but I guess like many Liverpool fans at the moment, I wonder when the team is going to start playing again.

This week will be spent starting my latest new project for work which my boss sprung on me last week. Hopefully will only take a couple of weeks to do as I need to also be taking some holiday over the next few weeks to get house sorted for when we finally get back to London. The postal strike means it is more difficult relying on mail order in case stuff we need arrives too late.

Last Week
Another week that has flown by. The hardcore is down on the new front driveway but we still have failed to find the bricks we want for the footpath, and just over a week left in which to finish so beginning to get a bit nervous,

Carpet plans also now on hold as we have been unable to find what we want so it will probably be bare floor boards for the next few months. Most other items have been ordered so will hopefully arrive during the week.

At least the week ended on a high with the glorious weather over the weekend. We are normally back in London by now so the chance to spend the weekend sitting outside was a big bonus. On Saturday we went for one last time this year to sit in the Abbey grounds and then on Sunday afternoon we made it to Blickling Hall for the first time. Earlier in the day I spent an hour or so at Ron, Carol and Adams, who live about 15 minutes drive away. Ron and I worked together at Eurotunnel and by chance we both ended up living in the same area of Norfolk. We always try to catch up when I'm in Norfolk although it gets harder these days as they tend to be away most of the summer and other school holidays staying at their apartment in Turkey.

A new job assignment arrived on my desk last week - again buses. You know when you are being set up when the discussion round the table about resources coincides with everyone else turning to look at you. For the next couple of weeks though I will need to take some holiday to ensure work on house is done correctly and that it is ready to move into.

And today it's my birthday - so Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, happy birthday; whenever the BBC go on about Michael Fish and the storms I remember it. We were twenty years younger then. Hope it was a good one.
Yes that drive across Clapham Commom was fun trying to dodge the trees - just so we could catch a glimpse of Mr Dylan.
Yes, for clarity it was a MOTORCYCLE drive, and the scariest pillion journey I think I've ever had!
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