Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yesterday I guess was my last official day on holiday - weekends don't seem to count although given recent weeks and months when all I seem to have done at weekends is draft stuff for work, maybe they should. I went back to my favourite beach, Cley, for a walk along the shore. As is the norm when I go there on my own I found someone to share my journey with. Last time it was a seal who decided to follow me along the coast, this time it was a seabird who swam and dived under the surf for its lunch as I strolled along. And when it was time to turn around and go back, did exactly the same.

The onset of winter means there are several new faces appearing down on the coast and perhaps nothing is more majestic than the snowy sea gulls that fly gracefully along the edge of the water, perhaps no more than one metre from the ground. Their wing span is much bigger than your nomal seagull. Later in the day we watched from our garden against the setting sunset of the arrival of hundreds more heading for their winter home.

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