Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tonight I have caught the 5.45 to Kings Lynn. Luckily I was there early as it is standing all the way to Cambride andI have got the laptop with me which seems to weigh a ton. I often wonder what I would do if a little old lady got on late and needed a seat. Would I be prepared to offer mine or would I think - well she could catch the next train in 30 minutes so if she wants a seat the choice is hers. Got a feeling I would go with the latter as it is a choice - arrive early get a seat arrive late and stand. I know for Helen when travelling on a bus it is difficult. Having weak muscles she needs to sit down,but try explaining that to another passenger when you look perfectly healthy.

So far the week has not quite gone as planned and tomorrow, instead of working from home, I will be dashing down to London for a meeting, and then dashing back again as I am supposed to be on holiday in the afternoon. I had to spend part of today working from home in London as I needed to give keys to the builders. Work has already started on clearing the front and the first skip has been filled. Worringly they don't appear to have got very far with the actual clearing so I expect it will take more than than the planned 3 skips.

My boss rang whilst I was at the house, wondering where I was - with most of his team currently spread across America he has to do a headcount every so often. He had a new piece of work for me to do - just one minor problem being that it is in Plymouth. By my reckoning the commute from Norfolk will be about 7 hours so America is possibly quicker to get to. We agreed that the only way for it to work would be to stay over-night. I don't know Plymouth apart from the fact that it has got some historic naval connections. Not sure staying there late September will be much fun but maybe I will find time for agame of bowls.

And before I forget, had long chat with Andrew today, fresh from his return from the States where he seemed to last about 18 hours with M0rrissey. No one seems to be certain what went wrong but my money is on him ordering a steak sandwich during a lengthy drinking bout. Anyway it was good to see him back and so cheerful. There's quite a bit happening with Hey Gravity! at the moment and it looks like there will be a short tour in December - chance to promote new CD in UK - the first 100 people at gigs get free copy of the new album. So far London, Manchester booked and Glasgow reserved. I'll publicise dates at some point.

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