Friday, September 21, 2007

I don't know where they come from, but every night now at the cottage I have to go on a mosquito hunt, tracking down the wining b*!*!*s and swatting them. They seem to have got wise to this procedure though and have adapted an ability to slip through the holes in the fly swat. To counter this I have now adopted a technique of swooping with a tissue in hand and plucking them of the wall prior to turning them to pulp. Last night I also found that my cheque book was pretty successful as a make shift fly swatter.

The cottage is not for the squeamish, especially if you are scared of spiders. The house is full of them and every few weeks we have a major cull removing them all by fair means or foul. For those high up on the kitchen wall/ceiling the only practicable way is to use the vacuum hose, I'm told death is instant and relatively painless.

The house building works continue to move slowly forward. The front driveway work is reliant on the delivery of a new skip each day so the builders tend to come and go a lot. I took a half day holiday yesterday to go and sign off the new windows. Only problem was that there were still 2 to finish and the workmen had decided to take the afternoon off. This will probably become their problem going forward as it may be difficult now to inspect the windows for a while - so they won't get paid.

I thought I might have found an option for Michael McDermott to play a few dates in the UK in October but after checking his confirmed dates in the States it was clear that there would be too many clashes. At the moment he is touring with Mindy Smith. She was one of my sugestions for playing Greenbelt this year but with so many other female singers on the bill (albeit rather less known outside of Greenbelt) it came to nothing. It would be good if the two of them could do a short UK tour as then I get to see them both. The last time she was due to visit these shores she cancelled at the last minute. I'm sure between them they could probably fill a few small decent venues athough I have no idea how popular she is here. I still think that amongst Christian female singer/songwriters she will become one of the bigger stars around. There is always the danger though that the label loses patience if she fails to sell a million CDs and drops her.

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