Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am often reminded by Helen to think twice before publishing a blog in case it gets taken the wrong way by the reader. So I was interested to read a recent blog from shoe girl Liz about her concerns that her dad might start reading her blog (having just discovered its existence) and discover stuff she would prefer he didn't. I found this a bit curious as if you know Liz you would know she has many admirable qualities and doesn't exactly strike me as leading a life that would cause concern for her parents. So who do they think she really is? Then again, maybe the average dad would struggle to comprehend the need for Imelda Marcos quantities of shoes - after all the average man probably survives in a maximum of 2-3 pairs of shoes most of the year. Nor would any sane person understand how she could want to give up every spare minute in the day so that she can plan and action the operations side of Greenbelt. I used to find preparing venue management at the festival bad enough but it is nothing to what she does. Or is it the apparent lack of home cooking as every night seems to be either a favourite curry house or an invite to best friends for dinner - or a taxi delivering said meal from best friends. I guess the list could go on but none of it seems explosive. Perhaps what is needed is a new blogging site - "Things we are happy for our parents to hear" where they can regularly log in and know what a great job they have done bringing up their son or daughter to be just like them!


It's not so much what I write on my blog that I worry about, it's the fact he could access the links to you bunch of weirdos that concerns me! ;-)

I mean look at the commenter on your blog above - there are Blue Noses out there...oh the shame of association... ;-)

Oh and the shoe thing? It's just a smoke screen to divert attention from my more major vices...
Tell us more. On second thoughts, perhaps not, my mum might read it.....
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