Thursday, July 12, 2007

You may have noticed that my blogging of late has been a bit on the quiet side. The reason is that we have been very busy at home putting together a major project for us, namely, moving home. For those who know us well, you will understand why moving house is not a simple task as there are many restrictions in terms of what will work well with Helen. So we jumped at the chance to buy a house locally in East Dulwich that gave us what we needed - much more space, an amazing location, off-street parking as a future option, and most of all, we could just about afford it. Not everything was perfect but we knew it would be very difficult to have another opportunity like this in the future. Our offer was accepted and the last 2 months have been spent sorting out finances, works to be done, putting current house on a buy-to-let and so on. And the 11th hour as we are ready to exchange contracts we discover that we cannot get buildings insurance as there is concern about previous ground movement (as there is with most older properties in East Dulwich). We finally got hold of the seller's own insurance details at the end of last week but despite requests at the outset for them to get their insurer to investigate what had caused the movement, they have always refused, making it impossible now for us to get cover. And now, because of the delays we have been told that the seller is to take the property off the market, do some quick fix work and then look to re-sell again, presumably hoping that next time round it gets the all clear. For us it is a major disappointment, not to mention a small fortune spent on surveys, solicitors, and broking fees. So if anybody is out there looking for a mortgage at the moment I've got a couple going spare!

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