Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Welcome to the world of bidding. It's late at the office and we are just debating if we will eventually be back at the hotel in time for the start of breakfast. With just over 24 hours to go this is the time you have to ensure nothing is put off to the following day - so a very dedicated core team work long hours with little sleep making sure everything gets completed on time.

To keep ourselves awake we have amassed a collection of CDs - for some reason they seem to be mainly 70s based - a sign of our ages. Tonight I've had Lynyrd Skynyrd live blasting through my ears to keep me awake. Close to hand is a big favourite of mine at the moment - Neil Young at Massey Hall 1971 - an absolute classic. And just to keep the balance I've been introducing the team to Brakes - Porcupine & Pineapple a big favourite - one of the best punk rock anti war political songs I've heard.

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