Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So another bid is over. It was a late night - bed about 6am - had planned to be back at 9am to wave off the bid documents but slept through the alarm - I can see why they don't give me anything responsible to do! The night didn't go as planned - problems at the printer and last minute formatting meant nothing to do until about 3.30am. Some went back to bed until they got called back, I stayed to help de-cable one of our offices and spent several hours watching various films and lots of Simpson videos. We then trawled through 40 years of children's tv programmes to see who recognised theme tunes.

It meant the fridges remained full of champagne - you need a clear head for this job. By the time I had got back to the office today it seemed to have all been drunk though!

Next week we get a thank you for the time and effort put into the last 5 months. A few of us will spend the day racing various sports cars followed by a dinner reception.

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