Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just 1 day to go - YIPPEE.

The week has consisted of little sleep, long nights/early mornings as we finalise bid 2. For me it's now a quiet time until documents start to return from the printer and then maybe an all-nighter, or hopefully, a 3am finish. Tomorrow I expect we will celebrate in style - for me this will mean minimal alchohol - not sure my body would cope.

Last night we swept the board at rail awards so everyone very up-beat, and knackerred. We had a masseur on site through the night which I was pleased about as I had suggested it after the last bid. I reckon Greenbelt Ops should get one for all the venue managers who have to work long hours at the festival.

Next week we start on the next bid so no chance of a big break. We are all being told to try and take a week's holiday in March to relax and they have made a very generous offeer re this. For Helen and I though the dropping everything and jetting to the Maldives for a week is not an option. Hopefully we will make it to Norfolk for just a few weeks, most of the time though I will be back to 6 hour daily commutes. Trying to find something I can do for a week whilst there to make it a real holiday. Had hoped to do a power boat training course but nothing seems to start until April. Next option may be to see if there are any cordon bleu cookery classes at Morston Hall - home of one of the best restaurants in Norfolk. Otherwise I will have to search for something else to do. I did think we could move into the Hoste Arms (part owned by Stephen Fry) in Burnham Market for a week but would be too much for Helen.

For now though, one last push and we can all sleep tomorrow.

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