Saturday, March 31, 2007

Getting a habit writing blogs whilst in the pub watching football. This time we're playing Arsenal - 2-0 half time and all very entertaining, especially Peter Crouch.

Now officially on holiday for a week although work keeps forgetting as my email inbox keeps filling up. I guess if they don't hear from me for a few days they might get the message! Next week is part planned at present. 2 days powerboat training off Blakeney in North Norfolk, and then a day spent at Lowestoft where they keep a former lifeboat. Want to fit in something else on Monday if I can - just not sure what - maybe horse riding if I can book it.

We're only in Norfolk for 3 weeks so Helen not doing too much otherwise she'll be too knackered to go home! So far we have had an afternoon at Pensthorpe - amazing bird sanctuary down the road from us where it was warm enough to sit outside - not bad for March. Unfortunately the pub we often escape to has closed so most other afternoons are spent in the cafe at the Anglican shrine - it's not bad, all very new, and you get the pleasure of Shane, the non-stop talking manager. Haven't a clue what he's saying half the time - not sure he has either - but he's very funny.

Holiday officially started Thursday but I ended working from home until about 10.45pm. This after a 14 hour day Wednesday.

Wish we were in France right now to follow Hey Gravity tour. Reports back sound good. Looks like Michael McDermott deal finally reaching a possible conclusion. Seems to have taken forever but I hope will be worth it. His recent concerts in the States have been described as stunning - so emotionally charged they have reduced the audience to tears. I hope he gets invite to Greenbelt this year - with new faces in the office never quite sure what they want. I had invited Rachael Yamagata - big star in the States and could be even bigger when new album released - but no apparent interest from Greenbelt which was disappointing as she really is quite brilliant.

And the final score is 4-1 – England’s Number 1 striker is back!

What a result eh?
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