Thursday, January 11, 2007

Well it's know almost official - the new Michael McDermott record is called Noise From Words and is scheduled for release 4th April. Would like to be in Chicago for release but mixture of work and need for a holiday in UK will make it difficult. Just hope he gets invited to Greenbelt instead! He's become a bit of an ambassador for Greenbelt in the States telling other artists about the festival. At least one band want to play and he's trying to persuade another well known artist to play Greenbelt. Just hope the festival has some money to spend.

Work continues to hot up. A group will be working through the night tonight to meet deadlines - not me though I'm glad to say. I reckon 2 more weeks and it will be weekends and midnight plus work hours. One plus with our new office is that being just off Great Portland Street we should do better for take-aways than when at Paddington. I just hope we book the cleaners for weekends so that the office doesn't turn into a health trap.

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