Monday, January 01, 2007

So it's New Year's Day and I'm in the pub to watch Liverpool play. Happy NewYear to you all. It was a quiet night for us - nice meal, Helen ploughing through the chocolate liqueuers, followed by Nicholas Nickleby on TV and watching the fireworks at midnight.

Earlier in the day we spent time at The Bishop in East Dulwich which is fast becoming our regular drinking hole. I also spent the day decorating the bathroom. Helen had asked me to paint a wall but after seeing how good it looked decided we should do the whole room!

We had a big afternoon on Saturday when we went to see the David Hockney exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery - we're both fans of his work. It worked out really well as we only have a limited time Helen can be out - dropped Helen off and then got the last space in the NCP car park. Rest of last week seems to have been shopping trips including two to Bluewater - I now have a collection of Fat Face clothes.

Santa has been good to us. Helen got a very sleek silver Nano Ipod and I got a digital photo frame. I also got the U2 by U2 book and picked up a portable digital radio in the sales for £100 less than the shop price.

Before Christmas in the mad shopping spree I went to Bromley a few times looking for presents. On my final visit I spent most of my time in Starbucks watching the world past by.These were my observations:

Pregnant woman
Man with tattoo
Man and woman with tattoos
Excited children
Man on mobile
Woman on mobile
Everyone on mobile
Parents with well groomed children
Woman carrying lots of bags
Gay couple
Obese family
Children with grandparents
Excited children
Elderly mother and daughter
Single bloke
Two girls determined to have fun
Rough looking family
Elderly man all alone
Elderly woman all alone
All colours
Happy couple with newborn child in buggy
Unhappy family
Woman determined to shop till she drops

I could have stayed for hours watching people go by.....all beautiful human people

For reference we won 3-0 and climbed back to third in a well deserved victory.

Dave - if you're going to blog on football then you ought to blog more often because as you well know by now three-nil one week can easily become three-six the next...
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