Friday, November 17, 2006

I seem to have a half finished internet explorer 7 at the moment so web browsing not too brilliant. Highlight of the week has been a reunion with former Eurotunnel colleagues. Nice to see faces I haven't seen for many years. Many are now retired whilst others seem to have a series of non-executive director posts. I seem to have taken a wrong turning somewhere in life. Anyway, it was good to spend an evening nattering away and drinking pints of Old Wallop in pewter mugs.

Very briefly, last weekend brought a bumper post to our front door. Advance copy of the new Hey Gravity album - polished version is excelent and I'm sure will spawn some great radio play. I also got a package from the States from Stewart Francke, the soul singer from Detroit. First chance to really listen to his music, and boy is he good. Not all to my taste but some real classics. I can understand why he is so highly respected by the great and good. I will try and put a couple of songs on here for you to listen to when I get time. For some reason he has no Myspace account so will have to try and sort that.

And for those who watch the BBC1 10 o'clock news this week you will have seen the special reports produced by my brother in Afghanistan - the first Emmerson to get mentioned on the news - and for all the right reasons!

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