Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Well we moved into the new office - not the greatest move I've ever done as no broadband connection all day - and will be a while later until the server is installed and we can access our main intranet. Working from home this morning - hopefully will be up and running tomorrow.

I had a good look round the area yesterday lunch time - very different from Paddington. Many of the buildings in the area are related to the Portland Hospital. Our building is full of media types, even the BBC are somewhere. Some nice bars/cafes near by and we have a private club in the basement which is open all day so will be good when meeting clients - and it has a pool table!

Oxford Circus is about 10m walk away but tube system means trips to the New Picadilly Cafe will be difficult. From Norfolk is about 10m quicker to office but possibly 10m longer from East Dulwich - plus you have to walk - the best bit about Paddington was that once on a train you would never risk getting wet when going to the office. I came see some wet times coming!

We give a lot of stuff to charity shops each year - Helen's philosophy seems to be that if there is doubt you will ever need it again then it might as well go - good policy as it stops us hoarding. Latest item to go is a CD Helen bought on laughter. Advertised as 30m of laughter we both thought it would be 30m of jokes and laughter - but no - its is 30m of laughter, and only laughter. I think the idea is that it is supposed to make you happy - but after 5m of incessant laughter you feel like screaming and hitting the CD player with a hammer. So if anyone wants a 30m CD of laughter before it goes to some worthy cause, drop me an email.

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