Monday, October 30, 2006

Today's challenge is to stop X Factor having the Christmas Number 1 song. I like a challenge but this one is probably the hardest I've ever had. There is a single coming out in UK by a guy called Stewart Francke - based in Detroit, highly rated by Springsteen, suffered from leukemia but now fully recovered - charity single on behalf of the Leukemia Research Fund - details here.

Stewart is an amazing musician and has a fantastic soul sound. Trouble is he is totally unknown in the UK so getting publicity is not easy. Andy Gill (Independent) gave his last album 4 stars, as did the Times. He'd be great for Greenbelt, especially if he had his backing band - but it all costs money. Promoting a single properly in the UK can cost minimum £2000, and that's before any talk of a video. Maybe I could start an anti-X Factor campaign as the basis for launching the single - if only 8m vote for X Factor then that still leaves a further 48m or so to go out and buy the CD.

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