Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another year of my life as passed in the last week. Not long now before the mid-life crisis strikes.

The last week has seen me start at the gym, session with personal trainer which almost killed me – so 3 more sessions booked to see if she can do the job properly.

Saturday I took the car to be washed for the first time in 4 months – pointless washing the car in Norfolk as spend most of the time travelling along country lanes that leave the car covered in mud. I go to the hand car wash which has been set up in Dulwich Hamlet car park – so only over the road for me. They always do a really good job and I feel sorry for them when I bring the car in from Norfolk as it must be about the worst they ever have to tackle. Unfortunately there was a really obnoxious bloke at the car wash, complaining his car hadn’t been cleaned properly and refusing to pay. The argument went on for at least 15 minutes and eventually he was told to go and never come back. At this point he went to get in his car and swore at the car wash people. Up until this point I had been standing, bemused at his excuses for not paying. But his swearing tripped off my alter ego and I suddenly found myself storming up to his car, banging on the window , telling him to wind it down. I then went on to tell him that I lived here and that I didn’t expect to hear that kind of language on my patch. Rather than pulling out a gun (which tends to be the norm for road rage round here) he half heartedly apologised before the car cleaning people intervened, probably worried about what would happen next. Anyway, they did a spotless job on the car and I spent the rest of the day debating whether I was crazy or just stupid for getting involved.

Sunday we went up to Southwark Cathedral and got advent calendars for ourselves and relatives. This week I am embroiled in work, trying to work out various numbers for current bids. It’s a frustrating time at the moment as they seem unsure what I should be doing at the moment – I have a few things lined up but nothing that involves much brain power. I can only hope that things improve over the next couple of months.

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