Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wrote this cople of days ago but still no time to sit down add photos etc so for now here is summary of recent days

I seem to very busy typing stuff for Helen the last few days so no time to blog. I'm on holiday for the week so I don'thave any long train journeys when I can write. But today I am travelling on the North Norfolk Railway - a steam train that operates a few miles away from us. So I'm typing this as we trundle along at a very slow pace with smoke billowing out of the funnel and into the carriages.

Yesterday I went towatch the high tide at Blakeney - this was one of the rare occassions when it is a very high tide and the water swamps the car parking areas, covers the main road and turns the hotel into a moated castle. I have always complained that whenever we go to Blakeney the tide is out. Yesterday it was just a mass of water.

Hopefully later this week I will go and climb some trees at an extreme sport centre where you climb trees, absail down them and high wire across the forest. Just need it to stay dry.

Football tonight and hopefully back to normality after the weekend's upset at Goodison. I was surprised it was the most goals scored against Liverpool for such a long time, whereas we seem to score that many against Everton most seasons.

It's so long since I blogged I haven't mentioned any of our twitching adventures. It is hard living in North Norfolk to not notice the wild birds that live here. Weekend before last we went to Titeshwall RSPB reserve - we only got as far as the cafe mind but we did buy a gorgeous wooden Snowy Owl. I love owls and see them quite often here. Barn owls nest about 100 metres from our house and I was able to watch one flying in the dark in front of our house the other night. Our swifts and housemartin lodgers have now left for warmer climates - I think they got fed up with the August weather as they normally leave mid September.

Once this train journey has finished I plan to drive to the Chequers pub in Binham (one of our neighbour villages) to enjoy a pub lunchand look at their micro brewery they have just finished building. I tried to buy into the brewery but the pub is owned by the village and they want to keep it that way. I still want to set up a brewery in Walsingham but this would mean being here all year and having to give up working on the railways - which I enjoy these days (and it pays better than micro breweries).

Nice to see that some of the Greenbelt hotel crew managed to meet up in London this week for a curry. Would love to have been there but it's a long way from Norfolk. Once we go back to London social life will be fairly minimal as I expect to be working on new projects (find out next week) that don't finish until the end of February. The only possible exception will be a very short trip to Chicago for a CD release party but even this might prove difficult. I'm assuming we get Christmas off as it's a 120 day project instead of the usual 90 days.

Next week we have arranged a work event on Thursday - the last I heard was that we were going on a canal trip - not sure this is true though as could be 20-30 involved, in which case a barge trip down the Thames might be more appropriate.

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