Monday, September 04, 2006

Lots of blogs the last few days about Paul & Emma's wedding - and you can see some great pictures at the official photographer blog - great picture of a smiling Jude in it. Makes me feel guilty about my failure to post my Brother's wedding report - been editing for the last 3 months as I struggle with inserting pictures. So to make up for this, here is part 1. Not sure when part 2 will follow.

As promised what follows is a summary of Peter & Kyoko's wedding in July. The Saturday meant an early start to London on the train. It was a long, but excellent day.

Not all went to plan - Peter had planned to drive Kyoko and himself from the church (St Brides- Fleet Street) to the reception at Frontline in his Morgan. But come Saturday morning the car battery was dead (nice car but if not used often - Peter is out of the country most of the year - it kills the battery) so plan B was required with them both catching the bus to the reception instead.

This was the same weekend Helen & I got married and for a while it looked like we would have the same weather - hot, humid & heavy showers - but it stayed dry just long enough to complete the photos. The wedding was at St Brides - the official church for journalists and perfectly located just off Fleet Street. Despite the priting presses having long gone from Fleet Street the church has maintained its strong links with the media.

The wedding was an international affair with Kyoko's family/friends flying in from Japan, ace cameraman Fred Scott from Lebanon,

Andrew (best man) had flown in from Australia,

the BBC's China bureau had flown in, and correspondents, producers, technicians, friends and family had gathered from around the world. Missing were the faces that would be onTV news bulletins later that night. I was one of the ushers for the day.

My cousin's daughter Emily was the main bridesmaid. In addition were relations of Kyoko who had flown over from Japan to be bridesmaid and page boy. I only tend to see my cousins every few years these days - as kids we were together all the time - so always nice to meet them at these get-togethers.

Emily is clearly going to break many a man's heart as she gets older - and I think has probably broken a few boy's hearts already. The wedding ceremony was in English & Japanese, combining a mixture of new, traditional and ancient (Kyoko comes from an area steeped in religious history and I guess I found the Japanese proverbs the most interesting part of the service.

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