Saturday, September 02, 2006

I noticed a lot of people I met at Greenbelt questioned how and why I would want to commute 3 hours each way to and from work each day. It's not all bad as in the morning I try to doze off for half the journey and in the evening I split the journey between reading the paper and doing work.

The big plus is what you get when you come home. I can sit in front of the inglenook fireplace chucking another log on the fire,

and spend time cooking in the kitchen which we designed and I think is the coolest room in the house.

I have a study in the attic and broadband so working from home is possible once a week. On a warm summer's evening we can sit outside in the garden watching and listening to the multitude of birds who frequent the garden - and if it's cold you just turn on the patio heater.

Over the road is the village post office where you can buy the best home-made victoria sponge cake in existence. It's a 10 minute walk to the pub (so not all good!) where you can spend all day (and sometimes all night) in deep conversation with locals.

Also about 10 minutes walk away - across the ford and to the top of the hill - is the local church - it is very old and in the winter very cold - new heating has been promised later this year. Many of the congregation are farmers and when we have the Harvest Supper it is in a barn sat next to the combine harvester.

At the weekend we can drive to some of the best places in North Norfolk within 20 minutes. The best places we have season tickets for so can come and go when we like.

We now also have a farmers shop recently opened down the road which sells local produce - the local lamb is the best, and not forgetting the real ale shop which is 10 minutes away.

Helen knows all the neighbours and when it's sunny we can relax.

Five miles north is the sea where you can see the seals swimming and sunbathing, take in the glorious coast line features of North Norfolk with endless creeks, estuarys and salt marshes. And see some of the most spectacular wildlife in Britain with 10,000s of geese making this their migratory home.

And best of all my god daughter lives down the road.

tell me your house isn't always this tidy. please. tell me it isn't true....

(faaaaab kitchen btw)
Sadly so, especially when it comes to taking photos. To be fair, my wife Helen is the one who keeps the place tidy - I wouldn't dare show a picture of my study!
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