Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just to mention that I have begun to put some pictures up on Flickr of Greenbelt since the move to Cheltenham. Click here to see the first few. It may take some time to load everything as I need to increase the bandwidth I'm allowed. Most pictures are taken whilst doing my venue manager role so mainly The Rising, Last Orders and theatre. With nothing to do this year I may end up taking photos much of the weekend.

I have a ticket for Liverpool's first home game on the Saturday but I've decided to sell it as would mean missing several hours of the festival (no crass jokes please Mr Davies).

Had lunch yesterday with Andrew, Hey Gravity's manager. For once it was him offering me money so signs that things beginning to happen. 7pm Stage 2 on Saturday you can see Hey Gravity! live. If Justine is on form you can guarantee it will be one of the best gigs over the weekend. Look out for their posters on site – there will be 200 on display – the photo is by ace photographer Steve Brown.

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