Monday, July 17, 2006

Well that was a glorious weekend, Saturday am spent in Norwich and pm relaxing in the Abbey grounds at Walsingham.

Sunday pm spent at the Countryside & Wildlife Centre just outside Holt where we like to just chill out, have lunch, see the red squirrels, field mice etc and soak up the sun. We have a season ticket for the centre as it's a great place to escape to and only 15-20 minutes drive away.

Early Sunday evening was perfect "sitting outside the pub" weather so I nipped down to Little Walsingham for a swift beer or two with friends, discussing the merits (or not depending on one's view) of the fencing at Glastonbury, and whether it had killed the festival. This was followed by a quick dash back home to finish cooking the Roast Lamb and trimmings. Bliss!

Back to reality today - rail issues to deal with. Also spoke to my brother - he gets married next weekend. Readers of this blog may remember he's a key part of the foreign news gathering team at the BBC - half the guest list consists of war correspondents, cameramen etc. With the Israel/Lebanon situation getting worse the guest list is dwindling as they get sent to cover the event. This includes the main photographer (who has promised he'll be back but you try getting a flight to a wedding in the UK from Lebanon right now). It's a real shame as Peter & Kyoko have put a lot of effort into the wedding preparations, especially the evening event which will have a global feel about it to reflect the different nationalities present and countries where they work.

I find the situation in Lebanon very worrying. Two parties intent on having their own way, neither likely to give in. Without outside intervention there is a real risk that this will escalate, but at the moment it is clear the US is backing Israel 100% which will make negotiations difficult for now. It may take the oil price to rise further before the economic consequences are sufficient to force the West to take appropriate action.

Did you see the new Glastonbury film on tv at the w/e? Presumably that's what triggered your conversation. No doubt the fences did 'kill' something in the festival, but way it was presented in the film, the volatile (and one year, riotous) travellers would have killed it if they hadn't acted... (discuss??)
Yes that was the lead in we had. My view was yes, it has changed, but at least it's a more friendly environment now. And having the fencing does mean more people can attend as it's a controlled environment. Mind you, I still have no ticket for Greenbelt this year so might have to perfect tunnelling arrangements as the idea of paying after all these years justs seems wrong! Especially when its costing me money to fund bands to play the festival. Discuss.....
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