Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One bit of news that I forgot to blog about was the outcome re Michael McDermott's record deal. No news on that but we did decide that it would be better to cancel the UK trip until a later date. Funding these trips is expensive and the only way to cover costs is through CD sales. So Greenbelt will be one artist less this year - bit of a shame but hopefully we can sort next year along with a special guest. Still got Hey Gravity! playing the festival though so will be planning a poster assault of the site - hopefully using my supply of child labour from Liverpool.

And if you need to spot me at the festival I'll be wearing the following:

It's not often I would wear a t-shirt with Everton printed on it but this is an exception, and it mentions them twice! Ideal for wearing at seminars by scouse vicars.

Ah, yes, Liverpool FĂștbol Club (Espana) Inc. - the scorers on the shirt a distant reminder of when that club used to be British...
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