Monday, July 03, 2006

Escaped to Norfolk at the weekend - hopefully for 3 months so back to the 6 hour daily commute to work and back. On the plus side the house in Norfolk is very old, and has walls VERY thick so tends to be a lot cooler in this heat (except when I mess with the Rayburn and turn on the central heating for several hours as I did yesterday!).

First thing I did back in the office today was grab one of the air conditioning units which had been used by our consultants - it now sits 2 feet away on full blast. Hoping Murray wins today and then qtr final gets delayed a day by unexpected rain as hope to be spending a day out at Wimbledon later in the week.

Plenty to do in the garden in Norfolk - mainly needs a good tidying up. Can't cut the vine as our regular visitors have nested and hate being hastled by humans. The swifts and house martins are nesting at the front as usual - probably 6 nests - they can be very noisy but watching them flying above the house, catching insects is a very relaxing way to pass time. Certainly beats watching football.

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