Friday, July 07, 2006

Back in the office today having stayed over last night in London. yesterday was spent doing what I enjoy most - being wined, dined, plied with alcohol at free bar and generally having a really good time. I'd been invited to the see the women's semi's at Wimbledon and I have to say it was excellent - tennis was great to watch - I always prefer seeing it live than on TV as you get a much better idea of the amount of skill and speed involved. In between games we were treated to good food, and as much Pimms and champagne as we could drink. It was a nice guesture from work as the core bid team was there which meant all the secretaries and back office staff who spent several days doing 20hr plus shifts all got invited - I hate companies who only ever treat senior staff (as I always miss out!). The seats were excellent - debentures, not to high up and centre of the court. I enjoyed it all so much I went back to watch the mixed doubles until they ended for the night.

And now I have to try and sort out a problem up in Scotland so back to reality once more.

But before I forget - looks like all the hard work of the last year may have paid off - the elusive record deal Michael McDermott has been seeking appears to finally becoming a reality. Will mean a serious delay to new album being released which is a bit of a pain for UK visit, but without the trip to UK last year, and especially Greenbelt, somehow I don't think any of this would have happened.

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