Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another week another blog - maybe I should rename this page to this.

The Premiership finally came to an end last weekend despite efforts from Spurs to prolong it a bit longer. With so much riding on the last game it would have been hard to postpone the game without also allowing Arsenal the same option. Liverpool had to settle for third in the end, but only a point behind Man Utd and 9 behind Chelsea. It shows how far we have come this season as a team. And next weekend we will hopefully win at the Millenium. I think West Ham will be a hard game as they are a young team with some very talented players. Hopefully Alonso will be back and the defence a bit more on the ball than when we last met.

We are fully engrossed at work in the bidding process. This means that I now have to allocate weekend time to the process as there is so much to do.

I look at all the intelligent blogs around and wonder how people have the time to write what they do. I'm lucky to have 5 minutes a week!

On the music front I am waiting to hear news from Chicago about who is coming over in the summer. I have one name already pencilled in but hopefully a second name will be added by the end of the week. Listen out for Hey Gravity!'s single as it will be playing on a radio near you very soon. We have an amazing marketing company involved (saw the band and wanted to get involved) who seem to have secured the single on the playlist for most major radio stations. If you are near Manchester then check the band out later this week.

Re Manchester:

Date? Venue?
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