Monday, April 03, 2006

Welcome First Great Western and First Capital Connect - OK they actually started services last Saturday but main celebrations today. Outside my office is a train painted in the new corporate colours - makes mental note to bring sun glasses to work.

Today also sees the start of 3 months of very hard work as the bidding process I am involved in gets fully underway. For reasons of confidentiality I don't plan to say much about this from now on so any anoraks out there will be disappointed.

I watched Liverpool's game on Saturday - couldn't believe how much we sat back in the 2nd half - 2 goal leads are always handy but if Gera had been a bit more deadly it could have been 5-2 instead of 0-2. Gerrard's mustering of his troups was clearly missing.

And on the music front a mixture of highs and lows. Tried something a bit audacious on the McDermott front the last few days - didn't pay off which left me feeling a bit low but if I was being honest to myself I always knew it had no moe than a 5% chance of success. Played the new album on the way into work to console myself and re-affirm my belief that it really is a stunning album. I feel very lucky at the moment being involved with 2 sets of musicians, both of which have amazing albums lined up for release.

Speaking of Hey Gravity! that has been the plus side of the week. I came up with what I thought was a really good idea and it got a positive response which was nice. However, it needs to go on the backburner for the moment as there are a couple of developments in the last few days which have re-affirmed my optimism for the future success of the band. As to what they are - you'll just have to wait and see!

And finally - a plug for one of my blog links. is worth a regular visit and I especially recommend taking a look at the picture Lorna painted last week, inspired by Roddy Doyle's book The Woman Who Walks Into Doors. Lorna has the gift of not only being good at painting flowers, but also reflecting her social conscience in what she draws.

it's actually not blogpost.
Glad things are going well HG-wise.
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