Monday, April 24, 2006

It's been a while - think I keep saying this

Lot been happening but not much time to write.

Congratulations to Liverpool for their win over Chelsea and in particular to Benitez for showing he's a better tactician than the Chelsea manager.

And secondly congratulations to Stephen Gerrard for winning the Player's Player of the Year Award last night. Well deserved.

I'm stuck in the middle of bid work. Also very busy with the house in Liverpool which we decided to gut and completely re-decorate when the tenant recently moved out. Very time consuming but thankfully Adrian (brother-in-law) has done a good job managing the builders up there.

Little to report on music front. Michael now playing several dates in States ahead of album release including several in and around New York - not something he's done for a while so good that the invites are coming in. Hey Gravity! continue to get rave reviews and may have some news later this week on developments - video of first single being filmed this week so looking forward to seeing it.

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