Thursday, March 30, 2006

Well Tuesday evening was fun - I think not. Verdict of office trip to Prison Clink was a thumbs down all round. I then missed the free bar afterwards so not a good night!

To make up for this I made a pit-stop trip to Notting Hill last night to Alan McGee's Death Disco Club night where Hey Gravity! was making a guest appearance and I was on the guest list. I'm getting pretty good now at nipping out at night and still being home before midnight.

As usual an excellent performance and whilst the crowd were a bit static it was noticeable how most of those at the club were glued to watching the band. At the end of the gig the place seemed to empty pretty quick suggesting quite a lot there had come to see them play. At the moment the band seems to be averaging about 1 gig a week in London and are slowly building up a core set of fans.

On a more bizarre note the new single (out in April) Inside won single of the week on Talksport's unsigned band contest last week and are back again this week to see if they can retain their title! The show goes out in the middle of the night but has a bit of a cult status.

Elsewhere the single has been getting advance plays up and down the country at clubs & universities. Being ignorant I hadn't thought of it as a dance record but after reading all the positive feedback from clubs I had to go and re-listen to it to see why it has been so popular. Hopefully a full dance re-mix version will be done by Justine's mates at Atomic Hooligan if it starts to take off.

Got invited to see Andrew's other band Misty's Big Adventure tonight but 2 consecutive nights out for someone of my age is a bit too much!

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