Thursday, March 16, 2006

So it's official then - well probably not but Pip mentioned it in his blog so that's good enough for me - Daniel Bedingfield is playing Greenbelt this year. There are a few other big names lined up but I'm sworn to secrecy - so keep watching

Off to meet up with Andrew - Hey Gravity's manager - at the New Picadilly Cafe (has Pip got shares in this place?) this lunchtime. Chance to catch up on the events of the last few weeks and a discussion about future plans. I approached the band about playing Greenbelt and looks like they have said yes which is good news. Now all I have to do is sweet talk the music group.....

I see Jude went to Cheltenham on Tuesday to the races. Must admit I'm tempted to go everyday when I arrive for work. Being based in Paddington Station I arrive to find the Irish on mass waiting to catch one of our racecourse special trains - no doubt being offered the finest food and champagne on the journey that money can buy. Now how about a Greenbelt Special train in August - all I need is about 800 people wanting to travel. Before joining my company last year they offered me a free bus service for the festival (not sure if this was their way of trying to persuade me to join!). Unfortunately they don't have any buses in Cheltenham so turned out to be a non-starter - but the tought was there! Now if the festival moved to Manchester.....

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