Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Phew - just scraped throught to the FA Cup semi-final last night - for the first 51 seconds I was getting worried!

In all the excitement I forgot to record 2nd programme on life of Harold Wilson. Still trying to get my head round last week's revelations. I need to get a job in the Cabinet Office to see if the rumours are true - high ranking officials attempting to stage a coup for fear that the Labour government was a bit too chummy with the unions. If true (and it all seemed very plausible) then it raises potential further questions such as whether Lord Mountbatton was really killed by the IRA or was it ultimately MI5 behind the assination as part their attempts to ensure no one could ever publicly say what really happened when the troups suddenly took control of airports etc. Fascinating stuff - the files will be classified as Top Secret so unlikely to see daylight for at least 100 years. And no doubt this blog will be picked up somewhere within the intelligence circles as they run a sweep of articles with key words in. Suffice to say I've already signed the Official Secret's Act so all you'll get from me is speculation, not facts!

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