Friday, March 03, 2006

Forgot to mention in yesterday's blog the 2 excellent albums that arrived in the post last week. Both sent by Michael McDermott - the first was Juliet Turner's excellent live album which she had signed when he was touring with her, and the second is the equally excellent new Michael McDermott album. He sent me a number of promotional copies to review and send out to the great and the good. Trouble is there is a big list of these people so I'm busy getting further copies run off. No public details about the album released yet so cannot blog about songs or even title at this stage in case anyone from the States happens to be reading this. What I can say is that it is very different from the version originally recorded last summer. The trip to Ireland has clearly had a big impact on Michael in terms of song styles. What I also noticed is a move away from alcohol related issues and more focussed on lost love - think this is probably a positive move in Michael's life - although the women involved might not think so!

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