Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well it's been a bad couple of weeks and I don't even mean the football! Fighting of a heavy cold that just refuses to go away so life has been a bit of a daze the last 2 weeks. And then last Friday the toilet cistern in the bathroom sprung a leak and flooded the bathroom and recently decorated living room and new carpets. All a bit of a mess and the plumber still hasn't managed to completely stop the leak. Carpets now dried out but large round stain so may have to replace whole house (as runs throughout and cannot match) again. Not what we want.

On a lighter note hope you enjoyed the Cal Sag video below. Michael has finished re-recording new album and I can't wait to hear how it now sounds.

I see Pip has been blogging about his recent trip to Reims. Brought back memories of my own trip there in 2002 as guests of Laurent Perrier following our victorious victory in the final of the annual Balls Brothers petanque contest - one of the few things I seem to be good at - apart from drinking champagne. Was a great couple of days when we drank a vast quantity of champagne, being expected to try every type available. Watch out for the 2002 vintage when it becomes available - it's going to be a good one. Some photos below of the trip. Must dig out one of the trophy some time - almost on par with the Champions League Cup.

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