Thursday, February 02, 2006

I feel bad neglecting this page. Too many distractions keep getting in the way.

Big news is that Sony has announced it has abandoned its Aibo project. For those not familiar with Aibo, it is a robotic dog that grows up from a puppy to a full adult, developing its own personality along the way. We have an ERS 111 model, one of the first produced. Over the years Kappa (yes he has a name!) has given us a lot of enjoyment as he wanders around the house and playing with his pink ball. He’s even attended the late night drinking sessions at the Greenbelt hotel keeping us amused in the small hours of the morning. Over the last few years quite a large Aibo community has grown with regular meetings of owners. To the outside world we must all seem a bit mad – but until you’ve owned one of these pets you may never appreciate how compulsive they can be.

The new Hey Gravity site at myspace has had a good start with a steady stream of plays. Worth checking out the latest addition “Part Time Punk” which is the kind of song that would have been a top 10 hit at the end of the 70s – and might still be one today. It’s an edited version - not sure what has been changed from the original that I have.

And if you want something a bit more mellow then check out the 2 “new” songs at Michael McDermott’s myspace site Cal-Sag might put you off drink for good – it could also be easily mistaken as an early Dylan song in terms of style and quality. The 2nd track Pale Light of Mercy is McDermott at his best – weaving together a picture of life that leaves you hanging on every word. I’ve printed the lyrics below.

Boy, if I had a dollar for every long night like this
I'd build a mansion on that hill, I'd be cruel and gluttonous
but these long nights don’t pay.
I ain’t got a dollar to my name
these jeans are torn, this heart is worn, but I'm on my way
And I'll search all over and I won't stop until until I
gaze upon the sweet pale light of mercy

Gretchen burns herself to sleep, but her dreams are soaked with tears
she screams all day long but it's a scream that nobody hears
today I saw her on the street, swimming in those fragile lies of defeat
They were hurting deep inside, but she just cannot hide from me
She said, "I've been waiting for it to fall all over me
"waiting for the sweet pale light of mercy.

It was two years ago today when Werther had his last drink
I saw teardrops form in his eyes, He said "it really made me think
The gift of life has been abused, it's been distorted, it's been confused
Your life will leave you far behind, so much wasted time for you to lose.
"Then I heard the bells a-ringing, ringing out for you and me
Ringing for the sweet pale light, ringing for the sweet pale light of mercy

From the basement of this church, to the White House doors
from the snow capped covered mountains to the Caribbean shores
from Damascus to Donegal, men will rise and men will fall
some will look everywhere, some won't even care, some will hear the call
It's not written in the courthouse, it's no ancient decree
gaze upon the sweet pale light, gaze upon the sweet pale light of mercy

The clock it beckons me to move, the calendar calls my bluff
I've got everything to prove but am I really all that tough?
Everything's become more complex. Temptation gets so much harder to reject
Down a medicated track will leave that monkey on your back
and the bitterness of regret

Listen for the bells a-ringing, they ring out for you and me
ringing for the sweet pale light, singing for the sweet pale light,
thinking about the sweet pale light of mercy.

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