Friday, January 20, 2006

Over the last couple of months I’ve mentioned that I have been doing some work with M.A.S.S. to help them get tracks recorded for the new album available for release. The new songs are fantastic and been creating some strong interest from labels across Europe. I’ve wanted to share some of the songs on this site but for obvious reasons they have remained under wraps.

But now you can hear a selection of some of the songs at the new site for M.A.S.S.. The big news, which I think I’ve already blogged about is that the band is undergoing a major transformation. Anna Hall (a PJ Harvey lookalike) has joined the band on guitar and as part of the “new” start, the band has changed its name to Hey Gravity (name of its first single release – and big favourite of the late John Peel). So don’t waste time reading my blog - hurry along to to hear the new sound – then you can come back and let me know what you think.

In addition if you are in or around London on 20th February, get down to the Barfly as Hey Gravity will be playing a showcase gig with the new line up. Even I plan to be there, rocking with the youngsters (OK so I might be propped up against the bar – getting too old for mosh pits!)

They have a strong hint of Sons and Daughters about them. Which is a good thing.
Glad to hear things are moving along and that the line up is sorted. It'd be good to get th pix done before the showcase.
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