Sunday, January 22, 2006

It's not how good you are, it's the number of goals you score that counts - and sadly that applied this afternoon as Liverpool's great run came to an end. Despite dominating the game you have to take your chances - are you listening Cisse? On a positive note the game did confirm to me that Liverpool remains on the up and United on a downward slope. Just need to make a few dents in Chelsea's side though.

That's a true football fan's comment - we (who have lost) are doing better than they (who have just beaten us). Brilliantly blinkered. Not unlike the devotion I and thousands of Evertonians have shown queing round the block at Goodison today (for two hours in the freezing cold) to buy tickets at inflated prices for a cup tie on Saturday we're very, very likely to lose...
Must have borrowed it from one of your blogs then! Perhaps the difference is that success isn't so much of a dream for the red side of Merseyside, although I still wonder if I was dreaming last May! Personally I hope you win at the weekend (as I did last weekend!)
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