Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I feel like I have little to say at the moment. I'm off to Swindon on Thursday - that's about it for excitement!

Photo shoot for Hey Gravity is being lined up so expect I will be "borrowing" a few pictures off their site so that you can see the new line-up and the clever stuff that Steve Brown does with the camera.

Been reading through a Q&A I did with Michael McDermott for his next newsletter. He gave some really good answers. He's a prolific song-writer - just been watching the film "Ray" about life of Ray Charles and could see some similarities. WIth all these songs he could sing, Michael was asked how he copes with remembering all the lyrics, especially when performing live and having to cope with audience requests. This is his answer:

"it usually takes some preparation.....because of the nervous energy you already have with the impending performance....when someone asks on the spot to do something you haven't in a while....its hard to let your brain relax enough to remember all the lyrics and chords for that matter....your brain is already visualizing the gig...before it happens....song by song..lyric by lyric....so when someone says...."the idler" my brain wasn't planning that song....and its like a movie playing in your head already....i say " where the hell is that gonna fit in this movie that has already begun".... if i have a day...then fine...but when i'm at the venue....or preparing to go the venue...the movie has begun in my head"

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