Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My good friend Michael tells me the M.A.S.S. video link I gave below did not work - so just in case here's the front page section http://www.myspace.com/mass and then click on Christmas video.

Hope you all had a good Christmas. Helen and I have spent the last few days eating - and I've polished off the wine (tis sad being the only one who drinks - but heh - at least I get more of the bottle!)

Santa brought me a variety of presents ranging from a set of books on music management from Helen, to a blow up Match of the Day armchair from my brother - I wonder about his sanity at times!

Hope you all had a good Christmas - watching the Tsunami broadcasts the last couple of days I realise how fortunate we are with our nice home, despite the lack of good health for Helen.

Nice to see Liverpool continuing to play well - big game tomorrow against Everton. This time last year it was a role reversal in the league - year is a long time in football.

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