Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's been a manic couple of weeks busy sorting out our house in Liverpool. In September we were told boiler would be condemned and had to get new central heating system installed, then we recently were told the whole placed had to be re-wired. As the place is let we had a legal obligation to get the work done or risk prosecution if something went wrong. Not good news for the tenant though, especially so close to Christmas. Nearly all the work now completed but it's been a difficult time and I've sent the builders home for Christmas.

The other major crisis was my losing my credit card last weekend. Suddenly you realise how important that little piece of plastic is - especially just before Christmas. With most of our money tied up it looked like it could be a bleak Christmas. But a knock at the door last night brought some light relief as a courier handed over the new cards.

Totally hooked on the video I gave link to below - site appears to have crashed at the moment so be patient and check it out when it returns.

Christmas will be the usual quiet affair. The problems of sorting the Liverpool house has taken its toll on Helen so it will be just the two of us on Christmas Day. Hopefully I will get over to see my parents late morning as they will be in London. Brother has gone to Thailand to cover the Tsunami 1 year on which the BBC will be reporting on over the next few days. Then he gets the joy of going to Haiti to cover the elections - must be mad!

I've noticed on other blogs various comments about Advent Calendars. We bought ours from Southwark Cathedral - we've tried to avoid chocolate non religious calendars the last few years. This calendar is pretty scary though - its origins are German and judging by the various characters in it, could just have easily have come from Transylvania. Santa Claus and the snowman are looking particularly evil. Keep expecting the 24th window to be a picture of Damian from the Omen!

On the work front life is getting busy. We won 2 rail franchises last week and were short-listed for another this week so lots to do.

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